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What is Nutritional Therapy:

Most medical professionals don’t have time to discuss nutrition options with their patients.  That’s where I come in! With more chronic disease and ailments originating from nutritional deficiencies than ever before, our healthcare climate is in need of an alternative solution.  That’s where nutritional therapy comes into play.  


I take a foundational, holistic approach to wellness that focuses on the importance of a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet paired with a well-balanced lifestyle. I understand the importance of honoring the body’s own feedback system and its’ incredible capacity to restore, regenerate, and correct itself — when given the tools and nutrients to do so. 

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Complimentary Consultation : 20 min

Are you already sure you’d like to work with me?  Are you still deciding because your diet is already dialed in?  Do you have a health condition and your provider suggested you change your diet in order to heal?  Schedule a complementary consultation to discuss your unique concerns and what you can expect from me.  

Plan Presentation Session : 1 hour

Based off of the paperwork turned in prior to your first appointment, I create a bio-individual plan tailored to your needs and desires.  You can expect a full analysis of your digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids balance, mineral balance, and hydration.

A full plan will be presented with detailed macronutrients per meal, healthy food group choices, style of eating (vegetarian, carb cycling, keto, IF, IIFYM, etc), exercise/movement ideas, and supplement suggestions.  We will use this session to make sure you have all the tools needed to implement your new wellness plan.  

After the initial plan you might need a little accountability to keep you on track.  For this reason I offer follow up sessions as needed or in a package. Bring all of your results, questions, celebrations, and feedback with you to your follow up so we can adjust your plan to keep you making progress.      

Follow up Session : 30. min / 45 min / 60 min

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