What is miraDry?

Frequently Asked Questions about miraDry.

"What can miraDry do for me?"

  • miraDry is a procedure to greatly reduce your sweat and odor glands in your underarms. The results are permanent and often only one treatment is needed. The procedure also permanently reduces your underarm hair.

"Doesn't my body need sweat glands?"

  • Yes, your body does...but your pits don't! Everyone is born with about 2 million sweat glands throughout their bodies. Out of all those sweat glands, your armpits only contain 2%. So getting rid of those will not be damaging to your body at all.

"If we eliminate the sweat glands in my armpits, will it cause me to sweat more in other areas?"

  • Because the procedure doesn't damage the nerve, your body is still sending the signal to your pit to produce sweat, the body just doesn't respond to the signal. No extra sweating in other areas occur.

"Will it damage my lymph nodes and/or nervous system?"

  • The treatment only penetrates 2-5 millimeters into the skin, the wave energy bounces off the fat layer, not going deep enough to cause harm. This leaves your lymph nodes as well as your nerves safe!

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