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Dangers of Cheap Cosmetic Treatments

Please be careful when choosing who to inject you or laser you. There are unlicensed people providing these procedures in hair salons and homes, even right here in Redding.

These products are not safe, sanitary, or real, and they are extremely dangerous counterfeits. With the popularity of Botox and fillers, it has become easy to order these fake products online. People have been disfigured and have died because they didn’t check the credentials of their injector and received imported products. They trusted the person and loved the great “deal.”

ALWAYS pose these questions when you first meet a potential Aesthetic Practitioner: 1. Ask “What are your credentials?” In CA you need to be an RN, PA, NP, or physician to inject, laser, or “alter tissue.” Then look them up online. Google: California board of Nursing license lookup. California medical board for physicians. 2. “How long have you been injecting and where were you trained? Are you certified?” Then look that up online. shows a list of CANS certification nurses. 3. Ask: “If something goes wrong, how will you treat the problem?” An informed consent should be talked about and signed. They should describe various situations, including blindness, stroke, skin loss from vascular occlusion, and describe the use of hyaluronidase to reverse the fillers in great detail. 4. Ask: “Who is your medical director? Where is he or she?” If the injector is an RN you need to meet a physician, PA, or NP before that nurse treats you. They should be readily available, not in another city or state. The physician, PA, or NP needs to do a good faith exam at that first appointment. It must be delegated and signed off to an RN at that very first appointment or the RN is practicing medicine without a license. 5. Don’t shop for lowest price. In this field, it is not worth the risks. Go back to # 1-4 and memorize. Please be smart about who you choose to work with your beautiful, precious face. 

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