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Botox: Artistry & Affordability


Botox isn't just for frowns and crow's feet anymore.  We often see patients in our office who ask for a full facial assessment.  They are often shocked to hear that the divots in their chin can be smoothed, or the long strands on their neck that started popping recently out can also be smoothed.  The photo below shows common areas we are able to improve with Botox, both on and off-label.  Are any of those areas bugging you?  The next question we often hear is, "how much will that cost?"  In the photo below, we show several areas commonly improved in our office, and the average range of "units" it typically takes for a natural and beautiful result.  Our office has the "less is more" philosophy.  We often tell our patients, "The perfect Botox is like cooking the perfect meal.  Don't over salt, you can ruin your meal."  It is better to put a standard dose at first and add more later, if needed.  We have all seen celebrities and people around that look a bit "over-salted."  Right?  We like to avoid that look and aim toward a natural look where people can still animate their faces (like humans instead of mannequins).  :-)

Botox treatments are both an art and a science.  One must know the anatomy below the skin and understand what each and every muscle is supposed to do and how the medicine will effect those muscles.  In addition, a complete knowledge of where that muscle originates and inserts is key, as well as which muscles cross each other and where.  Since every face is unique, one must never use a cookie-cutter approach by following the dots on a package insert.  The artistry comes with experience and talent.  Gentle hands and the ability to see in the mind's eye how it will likely look in a few days are extremely helpful. Below is a photo Julie Kaplan drew of the various muscles often injected in the face.  The red muscles indicate muscles that can be injected, and the blue muscles are areas that are generally avoided for beautiful outcomes.

Botox used to be very expensive and it seemed that only starlets in Hollywood could afford it.  These days it is actually quite affordable.  Our standard price is $12.50 per unit.  We also offer a loyalty club (called the Bunny Club) that gives our patients Botox all year for $10 a unit.  This club has an annual membership fee of $100 and also gives members generous discounts on fillers, medical-grade skin care products, Latisse, and even designer clothing (Joseph Ribkoff).  To make Botox even more affordable, Disappearing Act offers occasional $9/Unit Botox Days throughout the year.  This special day is walk-in only, so be prepared to wait and socialize with other people.  It is fun to attend these days as long as you are not in a hurry.  Please call or email us to ask when our next Botox Day is scheduled.

Disappearing Act Laser & Skin Rejuvenation has been offering Botox treatments since it was FDA approved for cosmetic purposes in 2002.  You can be confident with the expertise of Dr. Jory Kaplan and the Aesthetic Nurse Specialists at Disappearing Act.   Julie Bass Kaplan, is one of the founders of Disappearing Act and is a national speaker and trainer for Allergan (the company that makes Botox) and she is also a faculty for Palette Resources.  She travels to teach workshops and provides personalized training for Botox and dermal fillers across the United States.  Every Aesthetic Nurse Specialist at Disappearing Act is highly trained with many years' experience.  You are definitely in great hands at Disappearing Act.

If you are a science buff and would like to read Julie Bass Kaplan's various medical journal articles on LinkedIn:  Click Here:   We would love to teach you more about this amazing treatment in person.  Come in for a free consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Jory Kaplan and our Aesthetic Nurse Specialists.

We look forward to seeing you!

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