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Tattoo Removal Procedure

To find out more about the PicoSure laser click Here .

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Disappearing Act has two tattoo removal lasers to cover each type of ink and skin types.  We have a VersaPulse C laser with a Q-Switched 532 wavelength and a Q-Switched 1064.  We are also proud to have the latest technology to shatter ink into sand-like particles, the PicoSure laser.  The PicoSure has a 755 wavelength with Picosecond technology.  Prices depend on the size of the tattoo.  We are happy to give you an idea of the cost with a consultation.

PicoSure removes tattoos much faster than Q-Switched Lasers.  Revolutionary technology.


VersaPulse C Laser (Q-Switched) is also available at Disappearing Act.  We can remove all tattoo colors quickly, safely and effectively. Our VersaPulse C laser has three wavelengths to shatter all colors of ink.  This Q-Switched laser is highly effective and powerful.  

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