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Neurotoxins can lift eyebrows and make people look more refreshed and friendly. At rest I used to look angry and tired. I was amazed to see this photo of me (on the left) back in 2004 before I started using a neurotoxin. To the right is a photo of me 11 years later after using a neurotoxin every four months. I was amazed to see how much more approachable and friendly my eyes now appear! I have also been using Latisse for longer eyelashes for many years. It really helps open the eyes and make them look more youthful and large.~ Julie Bass Kaplan

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.14.57

The photo on the right is how my eyes look now. I am grateful for the eye lift, the lack of wrinkles, and longer Latisse lashes.

Neurotoxins in the Forehead

Injecting a neurotoxin in the forehead can be tricky.  The frontalis muscle’s only job is to raise the eyebrows, so if too much of the neurotoxin is injected, the eyebrows can fall and look heavy.  In addition, one eyebrow might be able to raise, and the other one won’t, causing the eyebrows to look crooked or uneven.


Our highly experienced Aesthetic Nurse Specialists at Disappearing Act understand the complexity of facial muscles and are artists with neurotoxins.  We strive to be sure that the forehead looks smooth and natural, and the eyes and brows are open and beautiful.  If any adjustments are needed, we happily adjust with no fees.

We look forward to achieving a beautiful, natural, and smooth look for your forehead!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.08.44

Even moderate to deep forehead lines can be completely smoothed by just a tiny bit of a neurotoxin. This patient only uses 12 units of Botox in her forehead every four months.

Note her eyebrow lift as well as the disappearance of her deep wrinkles.

What Neurotoxins Can Fix

Frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet, bunny lines, brow lift, jaw shaping, TMJ, chin, lift corners of the mouth, upper lip wrinkles, and neck bands.

To see Botox before & afters click Here .

* Pictured results may vary *

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